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The Nature Study aims to advance knowledge of the health benefits of time spent outdoors. Our goal is to learn how early life experiences and circumstances shape attitudes toward nature engagement throughout an individual’s life and potential connections to health outcomes.

This initiative will begin with researchers at the Harvard Chan School of Public Health (HSPH) conducting informal focus groups sessions in four US cities—Boston, Berkeley, Atlanta, and Phoenix. These groups will explore how individuals think of nature, how their ideas and experiences shape nature-affinity, and how time in nature differs by geography, personal preferences, and demographics. At this stage are inviting you to be part of these focus groups to learn more about people’s attitudes and early life experiences in nature.


Whether or not you are an outdoor enthusiast or distinctly prefer the indoors, we want to hear your thoughts. Please find below additional information about the focus groups and register by clicking on the button below.

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Meet The Team

Memo Cedeño Laurent, ScD

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Research Associate

Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Jack Spengler, PhD

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Akira Yamaguchi Professor of Environmental Health and Human Habitation

Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health

Linda Tomasso, MLA

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Doctoral Candidate

Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

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